Micromaster SIEMENS

JC-Electronics Spain, offers support and supply for the obsolete MICROMASTER family, discontinued from the 1st of October of 2019


For more than 25 years, Siemens Micromaster has been a benchmark in industries around the world. Micromaster is a serious competitor for each process equipped with a frequency converter. In 2017, Siemens announced that it would stop production of the series, which will cease from the 1st of October of 2019. But we want to make sure that your Micromaster continues to function normally for the next few years. Siemens can no longer support all the electronics products that they have developed or which are obsolete, as well as continue to innovate. Therefore, product families that have been active for years begin to be phased out. These products can only be supported by the manufacturer for a limited period in which the availability of spare parts decreases. In the end, manufacturers like Siemens stop supporting the lines completely.




Siemens MICROMASTER Family.

The Micromaster Family became known as a small and comfortable variator, to be used in different applications. Over the years many different variants have been introduced and integrated. For every application you can imagine there is a Micromaster. Therefore, this type of variator can be found in many automation processes. It is clear that the limited availability of parts has a number of consequences; it´s production lines are vulnerable and the prices of spare parts often increase significantly. One of the long-term consequences may be that a full range of electronic products need to be replaced because newer ranges of electronic components are often incompatible with parts that are still in operation but are outdated. Through our technical service we can ensure that the complete replacement of your production line will not always be necessary.





We extend the service life of your facilities.

JC-Electronics continues where others stop. The Siemens Micromaster family is a good example; where the manufacturer has stopped the production of these products, we still have stock available for delivery. We can provide you with quickly restored and thoroughly tested products that are delivered with a standard 2-year warranty. Through our technical service, we have a wide knowledge of all Micromaster Products in order to provide you with the right products for your company.



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